Thursday, June 5, 2008

Specialized Online Reference Sites

"" Academy for Educational Development. 2008. 9 Jun 2008. is a webpage run by the Academy for Educational Development and funded by the U.S. State Department. It contains a database of resources that a reporter would find useful, such as publications on slavery listed by topic or country of origin. A links page provides a guide to webpages, blogs, government agencies, international organizations, etc. Also useful is a section titled "Academic Corner," which lists some of the common errors researchers make when talking about slavery. For instance, it says to watch out for sources that include statistics on the number of trafficked persons without noting that the numbers are estimates.

Patt, Martin. "Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery." Human Trafficking Website. 2008. 9 Jun 2008.

As a database, this website provides links to resources and research on slavery. The information is organized by region as African, East Asian, Eurasian, Near East, South Asian, and Western Hemisphere. You could also search a specific country in the alphabetical listing. The links direct you to the State Department's report on that country's involvement in slavery and trafficking. As is noted on the home page, a reporter should use caution when following the external links provided under the entries as not all information may be verified. Such outside sources accessed through this page should be verified for authenticity.

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