Thursday, June 5, 2008

Multimedia Sources

CNN Report. "Modern Day Slavery." Added 17 Dec 2007. 8 Jun 2008.

This video juxtaposes the commentary of human trafficking expert Louise Shelley with the story of a New York couple convicted of keeping two Indonesian women as slaves. This video would be helpful to a reporter as it provides details on the international slave trade as it is conducted in the United States. Also, Shelley shares information on some of the major perpetrators of slavery, including crime bosses. In this particular instance, she notes that this convicted couple had ties to Indonesia and were apparently able to use those channels to procure the slave help. What is perhaps the most shocking and telling part of this video is that the women were kept as slaves in an affluent neighborhood, and while many people noticed the harsh treatment and poor conditions the women were forced to work under, it still took time before anyone brought charges against the couple.

NPR: Talk of the Nation. “Slavery in the 21st Century.” 27 Aug 2003. 9 Jun 2008.

NPR’s Talk of the Nation tackles the issue of modern slavery through interviews with guests from National Geographic who did a piece on slavery in the modern world. During the program, people call in to ask questions and clarify their understanding of modern slavery. This audio program is useful for a reporter since it provides insight into the kinds of questions people ask and the information that would be useful and interesting to the public. In addition, experts who have researched the issue are brought onto the show to offer insight and perspective on how best to respond to slavery in the world.

YouTube: Broadcast Yourself. 2008. “Modern Slavery.” Added 1 Apr 2007. 9 June 2008.

Modern slavery has a face in this 10-minute video produced by Kevin Bales and Free the Slaves. While statistics and background information that would be helpful to a journalist are explained in this video, the most interesting information comes in the form of face-to-face interviews with individuals who have escaped slavery. Girls share their testimonies of domestic enslavement, and hidden cameras capture footage of two men being sold into slavery. In one part of the video, a man whose son has disappeared takes part in the raid of a loom factory that uses child labor.

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