Thursday, June 5, 2008

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Choi-Fitzpatrick, Austin. 5 Jun 2008:

This blog is run by staff members of Free the Slaves: Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick, Peggy Callahan and Jacob Patton. The focus of the blog is relevant particularly to a researcher interested in U.S. involvement in modern slavery, as it focuses on the situation of slavery and trafficking in Iraq since the war. Choi-Fitzpatrick writes that cheap labor is being trafficked into the country for exploitation by American contractors. In addition, Iraqi women are being stolen from the country for sexual purposes. Choi-Fitzpatrick challenges the assumption that it is up to the Iraqis to solve this problem, and calls on the United States to take responsibility for the practices of U.S. contractors.

Jacobs, Charles. iAbolish. 11 Mar 2008. 28 May 2008.

This is a weblog run by the non-profit organization American Anti-Slavery Group which is working to eradicate slavery, particularly in Sudan and Mauritania. The blog gives good background on the genocide and enslavement that has occurred in Sudan. Also useful is the perspective on U.S. foreign policy in the region. The blogger notes that it will be important to monitor the situation in southern Sudan now, as it teeters on the brink of disastrous war. The U.S. orchestrated a peace treaty in 2005 and then proceeded to overlook the region in light of the crisis in Darfur. Jacobs now suggests that south Sudan may be more of a looming crisis than we can afford to overlook.

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katy said...

i think slavry is horibal im only 13 but this is something i have really story veiws on why do people do this!!!! the goviment aint doing enoph to stop it!!! :-/