Thursday, June 5, 2008

International Sites

"Anti-Slavery." Anti-Slavery International. 7 June 2008.

Anti-Slavery International is a charitable organization based out of the United Kingdom. The organization dates its founding back to 1839, and continues to address issues of slavery in the modern world. The organization works at all levels, from international to local, and works with local organizations to spread awareness of slavery. Anti-Slavery also lobbies governments for slavery-related legislation and conducts research on the topic. This track record of involvement in the issue of slavery makes Anti-Slavery a valuable resource for a researcher or journalist.

"SARI: South Asia Regional Initiative/Equity Support Program." SARI/Equity. 2005. 9 Jun 2008

The South Asia Regional Initiative (SARI) program operates in the South Asia/India region to prevent the exploitation of women and children. The site contains resources on trafficking that would be useful for a researcher, such as scholarly articles and regional information. The SARI organization itself operates to provide work for women in the South Asia area who might otherwise be susceptible to forced labor or the sex trade. Personal testimonies on the site might be useful for a journalist who has time to track down the individuals for more in-depth interviews.

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